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How Tune Protect ‘Protected’ a Newspaper from Everyday Tragedies

Advertiser: Tune Insurance Malaysia Bhd.
Brand: Tune Protect
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The Challenge
Malaysians have the perception that Tune Insurance offers only TRAVEL insurance due to its association with AirAsia as their official insurance partner. In reality, Tune Insurance is a full-fledged company offering a wide product range – like the big players do. We needed to change this inaccurate perception.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
2015, Tune Insurance embarked on a business strategy and name change to Tune Protect. Rather than competing with the big boys, Tune Protect identified gaps in the market and decided to sell insurance as an everyday product. The fundamental change – new products covering common Malaysian ‘tragedies’ like loss of belonging from snatch and home theft, even pet insurance. Media agency recommended to bring alive this brand proposition through an everyday medium – the humble Newspaper. But what tragedy would befall a newspaper? Why, getting soiled of course, as one has their morning coffee! If we can protect that, surely we can protect everything else!

Media Execution
In line with the new proposition ‘Protecting People Against Everyday Tragedies’, we decided to protect the Newspaper from possible tragedies! We partnered with The Sun, Malaysia’s highest circulated free English newspaper and leveraged on their wide distribution channels: offices, convenience stores, transit stations, and restaurants – places where coffee most likely spills. We created special transparent zipper storage bags and packed the newspapers individually. On the front, a coffee stain created an illusion of a soiled newspaper. The headline on the bag called for readers to find out more and upon unwrapping, we displayed possible everyday tragedies we could protect them against.

Results and Effectiveness
Our creative newspaper campaign generated huge online buzz and reached an estimated 583K brand TA of PMEBs and White Collars. Interest in Tune Protect and products soared as website traffic increased 28X during campaign period. Average Monthly Policy sales increased 944% whilst Total Sales increased 359%.