Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Winning all the way with Generasi Hebat

Advertiser: Cerebos (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Chai Yen Yen (Associate Director), Yaw Sook Yin (Media Manager), Hanim Mazam (Senior Media Planner), Chow Lee Kheng (Senior Buyer), Carmen Liew (Marketing Manager, Cerebos [M] Sdn Bhd), Siti Noraini Bt Nuawi/Melissa Tan (Product Group Manager, Cerebos [M] Sdn Bhd, Yip Siew Leng (Associate Malay Channels Media Sales, Astro)

BRAND’S Generasi Hebat (Generation Fab) campaign had been extremely successful in giving it street creds among Malay alphas, helping them find a new identity for their generation. Our challenge was to take it to another level by infusing the mainstream culture deeper and wider, shaping it, while gaining more credibility.

Akademi Fantasia was the largest platform for Malay youth expressions and it captured all the five essences of HEBAT (Handal, Eksplorasi, Boleh, Aktif and Tekun). So we decided to redefine the program in our own unique Hebat way, bringing a whole new energy in Malaysia’s foremost reality show. Among a plethora of AF sponsors, we innovated half a dozen FIRST EVERs, to make AF almost synonymous with BEC, for many in 2010.

For the first time in history of AF, the Studio transformed to Hebat theme. Hebat shirts became the Akademi’s uniform, the fashionable Hebat ties were worn by ALL students in their individual styles throughout. Generasi Hebat anthems was performed live on AF – ‘Hebat’ & ‘Juara’. BEC drinking pervaded contestants’ everyday lifestyles. Students visited BRAND’S Experience Center to take viewers on a journey of quality and authenticity. Consumers attended concerts wearing signature ties.

We managed to reach 3.7 million Malay youths, interacted with more than 16 thousands youths through their weekly concerts. Past 1 month consumption amongst Malay increased by 9%. Brand preference grew by 58%. Campaign overwhelmingly increased Generasi Hebat Facebook fanbase more than 100%.