Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Look Behind!

Advertiser: Fonterra Brands (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Anmum Essential
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The Challenge
Growing-up-milk brands commonly fortify milk with a cocktail of nutrients that are largely promoted. But moms don’t know about the concerning amount of sugar these same brands add in their milk, to make taste “kid-friendly.” Our edge: a no-added-sugar product. Challenge: get moms to favour us, by making them question competitive brands they’ve always trusted, on added sugars.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Malaysian moms may not know about specific sugar levels in children or food, but they take innate cues from what their kids say and feel, to make the right call. We all know kids say the “darnest” things, but moms in most cases are hyper-tuned to listen. We personified moms’ native intuition through a naturally inquisitive child who’s not afraid to ask tough questions and create doubt in parents about the amount of sugar kids consume, especially in milk. Idea: enter cute and clever ‘ADAM’, smarter than your average 5-year old, to teach Moms about how they can avoid the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption in kids by doing one thing – look behind the product pack.

Media Execution
We educated in three steps: CATCH We kicked off by dominating screens, spots in FTATV for maximum reach and Video buys on YouTube & programmatically in relevant sites, for incremental reach. Moms everywhere where prodded by Adam with a powerful question, “What’s In Your Milk?” CONNECT Local KOL moms and their respective Facebook platforms spread a series of web films of Adam’s message, investigating the various ingredients of milk, while educating moms to look behind the pack for proof. CLOSE Our sample request program online closed the loop, by retargeting audiences that had already engaged with our video with a sample request ad.

Results and Effectiveness
ADAM, the curious kid, drove phenomenal increase in business-brand metrics post vs. pre campaign: Value-share +2.2% Volume-share +2.9% TOM +7% “Is-a-trusted-source” +15%