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Media Math: Multiplying Sales by adding New audiences

Advertiser: Lazada
Brand: Lazada's Online Revolution 2016
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The Challenge
Lazada was launching their biggest annual sales – Online Revolution. From past projects, they wanted to advertise exclusively on FTA (high GRPs). Astro’s low GRP yield was deduced to have no effectiveness. New owners (AliBaba) and unprecedented growth targets meant we needed to win new customers… but how?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In-depth analysis found that Astro delivered a total of 45% reach on audience. And, 31% of that was unique to Astro alone (unduplicated with FTA). This new audience was a full 12% richer (HHI) than those that we had acquired prior and that they had a 27% higher frequency of purchasing online in the past 6 months. Furthermore, we saw this audience was spread out across AstroChinese and AstroMalay. The idea: Audience Discovery.

Media Execution
Agency distributed investments to 3 platforms, MediaPrima, AstroMalay and AstroChinese. To ensure clarity in attribution, we strategically scheduled the 3 in unique timebands (MP = 11-1pm, AC = 1-3pm and AM = 3-5pm). During Primetime on sale days where all channels had to air, we ensured at least a 5 minute time difference between spots aired across the 3 channel groups.

Results and Effectiveness
In total, we achieved 500k transactions in 24 hrs, traffic increased 2.5x vs. 2015, shoppers spent average 12 mins on Lazada (2x vs. 2015), 60% of the GMV sold was from mobile and 3 million new customers downloaded the Lazada app. Astro advertising generated 11x more new unique visits (vs. FTA) to the Lazada site app on OLR sales days. The Cost per Visit Increase (CPVI) was a fraction of that of FTA (9x lower) in addition to driving a CPRP 3x lower than FTA. Overall Pay TV deliver a 22% additional unique reach and within Pay TV, we saw that Malay channels drove a 35% better CPVI performance vs. Chinese.