Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Nivea Creme Setulus Belaian Kasih

Brand: Nivea Creme
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The Challenge
Well-known yet unchosen Nivea Crème boasted positive reputation among Malaysians, but less among the young. While prompted awareness was 69% among below-50 demographics, brand likability was only 38% – GFK Nivea sought to win over a new generation, leveraging Ramadan to resonate with them.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Revisiting values 5 insights underpinned our strategy:- 1. Primal mother-daughter relationship: a perfect embodiment of Nivea values. (Target audience: Malay mothers 20 to 49 with children below 6) 2. Ramadhan message: a time for acts of kindness, rewarded more amply during the month 3. Our target’s favourite format: serialised dramas 4. Power of celebrity: instant connection 5. Real-world contributions: must back the message

Media Execution
Winning with a sincere touch 1. Poignant storyline “Setulus Belaian Kasih” (“Most Sincere, Selfless Care”) comprised episodic drama capsules, with a story arc following a mother and daughter as they helped a homeless man reconcile with his family 2. Popular, recognisable cast Actresses Siti Elizad Shariffuddin and Puteri Balqis Azizi previously played mother and daughter in target-favourite drama were immediately recognisable, generating instant positive viewer reactions. 3. Top Malay female programming Collaborated with Media Prima TV Networks for top Malay penetration. • Episodes ran at high frequency on TV3 and TV9 during Ramadhan • Videos extended to YouTube and Facebook for incremental reach 4. Real-life aid for real connection RM0.50 donated to charity for every RM10 in sales, cemented the message and brand credibility.

Results and Effectiveness
Touched a chord, retook #1 1. 1.3 million TV viewers – comprising our targeted young Malay mums 2. 5 million YouTube and Facebook views – targeted demographics 3. Positive social media sentiment – analysis showed viewers touched by meaningful storyline 4. RM100,000 raised for 100 families – increasing goodwill, brand likeability 5. Market share impact: •Nivea: INCREASED 19.1% to 19.4% •Closest competitor: DECREASED 19.9% to 19.2% Most importantly, the biggest win was in winning over a new generation!