Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Rexona Get’s Bubble Bursting at the Movies!

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Rexona
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
68% of our audience did not comprehend Rexona Deodorant’s distinctive Motionsense™ Microcapsules Technology which burst upon friction to release more fresh fragrance. The more a user moves throughout the day, the more fresh fragrance is released – a strong edge for Rexona. Rexona had to establish this distinctive standing in the market to gain share.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Since fragrance should be experienced, not just seen, Rexona had to find an innovative way to communicate its distinctive technology. Understanding that Malaysian consumers seek exciting activities and value experience over physical products, we designed a strategy for consumers to experience Motionsense™ technology in a way they’ve never experienced any fragrance before.

Media Execution
Rexona drove their TA to the cinema with an in-store promotion at Guardian Pharmacy. Purchasers of the Rexona Twin Pack could win free cinema tickets. Alternatively, anyone who bought cinema tickets at the counter would receive free Rexona samples. Once movie-goers were seated, Rexona ran a 60-second commercial highlighting its Motionsense™ Microcapsule Technology. Simultaneously, Rexona released a wave of bubbles containing Rexona’s fragrance into the air. The bubbles, which represent the microcapsules in real 3D, released fresh fragrance upon bursting. Using this method we were able to immerse our audience in an unexpected and delightful stimulation of sight, hearing, touch and smell to create a unique and memorable educational experience of its Motionsense™ Microcapsule Technology. The audience would then encounter a “Wind Tunnel” as they exited GSC. Participants entering the transparent booth would activate the wind, prompting them to enthusiastically snatch as many Rexona paper slips as they can to redeem the prizes printed on the Rexona paper slips.

Results and Effectiveness
350,000 samples distributed. 1.686M admissions to GSC. The brand’s sales increased by 33% (internal sales) & penetration grew by 2% (Kantar Data) whereas the benchmark was only 100bps as compared to LY May 2015.