Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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1st time TV viewership based programmatic triggers

Advertiser: Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (1081077-X)
Brand: Go Shop
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The Challenge
GoShop was facing aggressive competition from online e-commerce players and increasing competition from new entrants on FTA channels. To maintain its market leadership in the TV shopping network space, GoShop is challenged to retain its user base while hijacking users switching to competition’s FTA channels.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insights: Insights suggested that 85% of Malaysians have the habit of multi-screening, i.e. using their mobile devices while watching TV. Consumer behaviour research indicates that these users like to do a lot of online research to find more information on the products they see on TV. Strategy: We strategised to use our competitor’s products on FTA channels as bait that lures them to GoShop by leveraging this TV viewership as a programmatic trigger to display on the viewer’s mobile devices relevant GoShop products and promos, effectively hijacking the viewers watching competitors’ products. Idea: Using a proprietary programmatic technology, the idea was to display trigger ads showcasing irresistible offers and promos on GoShop on their mobile devices as they watch the brand’s competitor’s products on FTA channels.

Media Execution
Competitors programming schedule was fed into the proprietary programmatic technology. Sound snippets of the show were also inputted. When viewers tuned into competitor TV channels, the feed in the programmatic tech is triggered to push an online/mobile ad of relevant GoShop products on their mobile screens. Hence, when competitors programs aired on TV, the programmatic trigger would take effect and GoShop ads would simultaneously be displayed on the viewer’s mobile device. When users interact with the ads, they were re-targeted on search and social media platforms, enabling repeat visits and purchases.

Results and Effectiveness
• 49% increase in news users on the mobile site. • Number of purchases doubled and significantly increased revenue