Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Where are my socks?!!!

Advertiser: IKEA Malaysia
Brand: IKEA Malaysia
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The Challenge
At IKEA, we have boxes to store just about anything. They come in many shapes and sizes. But how do we sell storage boxes? How many storage boxes does one need?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

Where are my socks?!!! Sounds familiar? Yup, we hear it almost every morning even though the house was cleaned and tidied just the day before. Our things just mysteriously disappears! There is always something missing and needs searching. Truthfully, we are just disorganized. Downright messy to be brutally honest. And when things go missing, stress levels can hit the roof! So why not turn something stressful into FUN. Because with IKEA’s storage solution, you can find anything at your fingertips. The idea was simple. IKEA’s very own Search bar on rich media banners.

Media Execution
For this to work, we have to first identify items we commonly misplace. We rigorously identified 197 items. Then these items are matched with the appropriate IKEA product to store them in. We then built a ‘Search’ bar into the rich media banner units. “Type in the one thing that usually goes missing in your house”, stopped our audience to try out the Search bar. When you type key, you will be served Kuggis, a box to organize small items. Voila, each time the right storage solution was presented to them, complete with product details. To reach the right audience, we applied contextual targeting with demographic layering. Then, we further pushed the banners to a similar look-alike audience with higher tendency to interact with the banners.

Results and Effectiveness
Searches within banner: 42,307 searches were generated! 373,770 website visits achieved! Engagement rate increased 6%! Footfall: 715,200 visited both IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras during campaign period/ We achieved +5% footfall vs target