Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Stealing QSR’s Lunch (And Dinner)

Advertiser: Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Brand: McDonald's Malaysia
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The Challenge
McDonald’s operates in a heavily contested category – however, at twice the advertising spend of McDonald’s, KFC could go louder and wider than anyone else. So we took on an advertising giant by playing it smart, and focused on wins that mattered.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

We needed to know: 1. Where consumer are and how they think in the QSR purchase funnel 2. Where KFC is weak and unfocused Research revealed that the vast majority of consumers rely on their mobile device to drive to, order or take out from a McDonald’s outlet. Analysis also revealed that KFC is inconsistent on two key fronts: video, often a consumer’s first and longest time spent consumption format, as well as mobile geo-targeting. It was clear what we had to do, a single must-win: 360 with mobile

Media Execution
Dominating mobile: a. Always-On Waze and Snakk footfall attribution used realistic commuting times leading to meals, and traffic modelling via historical traffic patterns around McDonald’s outlets b. Optimal meal times and delivery route patterns were defined for McDelivery app. Dominate YouTube: a. Protein-specific custom audiences were developed and re-used as part of a year-long remarketing strategy b. Mobile programmatic banners targeted exposed audiences towards McDelivery Capture Intent: a. SEM data was used to refine YouTube and programmatic dayparting

Results and Effectiveness
- Drove 191,521 people to McDonald’s, a 92% increase over projected footfall – Over 60k app installs recorded, a click-to-install ratio of 10% – Over 80 million YouTube views achieved, with a record-setting Masthead for Prosperity Burger, the highest reach achieved for any brand in Malaysia Getting a lot more back than what they put in: – McDonald’s averaged a ROI > 5 for meals purchased in store against every RM spent on a navigation – Highest Waze CTRs recorded for QSR industry; now the benchmark setter for QSR metrics – Contributed to highest monthly sales ever in McDonald’s Malaysia’s history in July and subsequently in December 2016.