Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Collaboration, Not Competition

Advertiser: Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Brand: MDEC
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
After achieving a new record in 2015 with RM117 million in revenue, MDEC pushed the limits by setting a stretched target of RM200 million for 2016’s #MYCYBERSALE campaign. Not only was the expected growth challenging, a discouraging economic climate led to reduced online shopping frequencies and lower average consumer spends. It was looking impossible.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

Considering there were 12.2 million online shoppers out of 19.2 million internet users in Malaysia, it struck us that the solution did not lie in the core segment itself. Instead, there was a huge opportunity to acquire new ecommerce consumers among the 9 million who were technology savvy but did not shop online. This led to the strategy of moving in the opposite direction from the ecommerce market and targeting a different segment.

Media Execution
An assessment of the large ecommerce advertisers’ activities was conducted to identify channels used, and avoid duplication or unnecessary competition in the same space. Whilst they targeted online shoppers who searched for ‘#MYCYBERSALE deals’, we targeted non online shoppers who searched for directions to or opening times of retail outlets. Facebook users who had recently engaged with online shopping related content were typically reached out to. We on the other hand, excluded these users and targeted those with higher affinity to physical shopping destinations, especially shopping malls. This collaborative approach ensured that our campaign was complementary and able to add value by growing the size of Malaysia’s online shopping market.

Results and Effectiveness
A new record achieved! RM211 million total revenue, which equates to an incredible 80% increase from the previous year. Over 1.4 million new online shoppers introduced into the market, as reported by Statista. In 2015, a revenue of RM62 was generated for every RM1 spent on media. That revenue figure blew up to RM153 in 2016, which is a staggering 146% increase.