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Coca-Cola Prompts Youths with Interactive Posters in Campuses to Break the Afternoon Slump

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
‘Away-from-home’ is the second largest volume opportunity with break time as the consumption occasion. However, most youths don’t consider Coca-Cola as part of their break repertoire. Our challenge: Make Coca-Cola a weekly habit among youths during break time, by inspiring them during their lowest point of day.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We kept our message on resonant and “in the moment” by: BEING WHERE AND WHEN THE SLUMP HAPPENS: Most youths are on routine – at school – while struggling to maintain alert and energetic between 2-5pm. BEING INTERACTIVE: Afternoon slump creates a sense of helplessness as they look to find anything interesting to do, from taking random photos with friends to playing interactive games. OUR IDEA: Create an OOH “net” that covers high-density proximity areas to schools all the way to ambient and interactive opportunities inside campuses.

Media Execution
OOH was used as an incremental reach platform complimentary to screens, to seed our thematic messaging and reach youths on-the-go. Transit Ads Outdoor, cast an even wider reach net to youths on-the-go, using large ad formats (Spectacular Adtrack) to create impact and capture maximum attention, and a combination of different ad formats (Adtrack+lightbox+panel) to stretch the campaign longer in high traffic LRT stations surrounded by campuses and offices. We zeroed-in on the moment with time-targeted, copy-changeable and photo-op friendly Interactive posters on Campus, strategically placed at crowded chill out areas and installed Motion Activated Sound Sensors to detect students passing by to prompt them with specific break time messages from 2-5pm. And then we made it real by serving Coca-Cola at point of need by activating Real-Time Coke Delivery!

Results and Effectiveness
The interactive time-based copy visual on campus reached 391,500 students across 20 campuses nationwide. Real time Coke delivery garnered 800++ requests in just 30 hours. Best of all, Coke weekly consumption grew +4%!