Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: GuoLine eMarketing Sdn Bhd
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The Challenge
E-commerce is a price sensitive market place with abundance of product choices. GEMFIVE on the other hand, operates at a different sphere in the e-commerce space where they curates selected premium products that may not necessary to be competitive in terms of pricing. The biggest challenge was to get potential customers to want to know more about GEMFIVE.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Regular e-shoppers are always bombarded by ads, making online advertising becoming more expensive to reach out to the real potential e-shoppers. Furthermore, with no differentiation in terms of products offering, it is much harder for advertisers to stand out in the cluttered digital space. Armed with this finding, we know we need do something out of the digital space. From Nielsen Research, there are approximately 390,000 of potential e-shoppers who uses LRT as main transportation. 90% out of these 390,000 agrees to statements that says that they are willing to pay higher price for quality and luxury products.

Media Execution
We created WatchThisFriday Campaign that showcase the best deal ever with limited edition products exclusively on FRIDAY! We use the acronym WTF and pop up GEMFIVE purple present boxes overnight at high traffic LRT stations. Malaysian, known as the “Kepoh-nation”, we want to capture their attention; making them curious to interact with our WTF box and generate interest on potential shoppers to find out more about the WTF campaign online and at the same time drive anticipation for the limited sales offer which Malaysians are eager about.

Results and Effectiveness
With only RM 20,901, GEMFIVE managed to: Reach out to more than 1.9Mil commuters. Increased website traffic from 2Mil to 4.5Mil securing 43,128 new signups and 57.76% new users. Increased engagement on Facebook by 540% (vs others tactical campaigns) with 39,000 engagements. Most importantly, transaction on Friday increased by 30%! WTF! GEMFIVE gives you the best deal ever.