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KFC launches a new Holiday GPS[Golden Prawn System] Navigation for Malaysians

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
KFC’s Holiday Bucket with Fried Shrimp is a classic product that is only available during the end of year school holiday. The key problem is during this season, competition is high, making it hard to grab our audience’s attention. The challenge was to find an alternate means of communication which ingrianed KFC in the minds of Holiday goers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Whenever Malaysian school holidays are spoken of, roadtrips to exotic Malaysian destinations come to mind.On a roadtrip, the key assistant is GPS navigation. Media Agency recommended leveraging this association to create a ‘new age navigation’ system, using prawns from the Holiday Bucket, as the basis for this campaign. The Holiday GPS campaign was conceived, which used Prawns instead of Pins and Arrows to direct audiences to their holiday destinations.

Media Execution
We hijacked over 20 highway directional signages in famous vacation spots. The visual of KFC prawns were creatively used to replace letterings of destinations “L”, “C”, “U” and “N”. We further enforced the association of KFC by including the copy “Nampak Udang, Cuti Datang”. This created an avenue of curiosity and excitement for holiday goers to drop by and check out what the Udang was all about. To further extend the reach, radio live reads were used to drive awareness of these “prawn” signage. Listeners were encourage to take a photo with these photos and post them on Instagram to win holiday prizes! Thus by integrating a Prawn based navigation system, KFC created a lasting association with Holidays for it’s Holiday Bucket.

Results and Effectiveness
Total campaign reached out to 29,988,246 motorists. TOM amongst families increased 6 points, highest in 2016 .As a result brand share further improved by 11% significantly ahead McD . Brand health attribute of ‘great tasting food’ increased signifivantly pushed up ‘chicken category ‘ up by 2% in a declining category.