Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Standing Toll For 125 Years

Advertiser: Shell
Brand: Shell Retail
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
To utilise an impactful medium that was as iconic as Shell’s 125th anniversary celebration. It had to be a medium that was unforgettable, never done before, had large reach amongst motorists in Klang Valley, could amplify the campaign, and feature real Shell customers to demonstrate our DNA, innovation and progression.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Dominating major Toll Plazas is key. As entries-and-exits into key highways, as well as the starting point into any big city, tolls account for nearly all incoming drive-throughs into our highway stations. From research, brand-recall increases when content includes people’s genuine reactions-and-experiences. Also the valuable space on toll plazas’ roofs were unutilised, presenting a unique canvas. Our idea: Roofvertisement-Profiles: fit-for-purpose content designed to leverage the sheer size of advertising space above Toll-Plaza-Rooftops, seen in distances as far as 300meters, that celebrates the very people who have helped us get where we are today– our customers.

Media Execution
We kicked off at the Duta toll, followed Batu 3 and NKVE Subang plazas, selected due to proximity to Shell Stations and traffic count: Duta (250k/day); Subang (175k/day); Batu Tiga (220k/day). The ads featured inspiring quotes and images of real Shell customers, split into smaller pieces, and glued onto roof tiles to create a continuous and arresting image, totalling close to 10,000 tiles across the Batu3 and NKVE Subang plazas. Native PR supported our message to help make this a talking point for every road user and auto journalist.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign went national and reached as many as 2 million motorists, while capturing the imagination of advertisers and Malaysians at large, with media outlets featuring the Roofvertisements in their editorial sections and coverage in both regional and local media, garnering a PR value of RM70,000, including a front page CNY story in The Star.