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Power of 3 increased payWave usage by 3.6x

Advertiser: Visa
Brand: Visa
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The Challenge
We were tasked to introduce the Visa payWave solution. Simply tap your card to pay. Clients objective? Get people to use their payWave card more often: Increase Face-to- Face transactions from 0.5% in FY15 to 3.5% by end FY16. Problem is, people were so used to handing over their card. Tapping it on a machine- although faster and simpler- isn’t an immediate response.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We looked at purchase behavior at counters. Customers would patiently queue up. Upon reaching the counter, they want to quickly finished the transaction and leave. Queuing customers like to look around and are more likely to read whatever the cashier put on the conveyor belt. Arguably, this was best time to drive awareness, and get people to switch. We had was several micro-moments to reach our consumer. With it came an ambitious 3-pronged strategy: Intercept the customer, Remind him about Visa payWave, and Encourage Switching.

Media Execution
INTERCEPT- We used mobile to geo-target shoppers at retail environments REMIND- We created a POSM unit at point of purchase- reminding customers about payWave just before they made payment ENCOURAGE SWITCHING- When customers reach the counter, the cashier would personally ask them to use payWave for smaller transactions and guided them how to use it

Results and Effectiveness
Customers embraced the new technology and Visa increased Face to Face transactions by more than 3.62x above target (Jan 2017 survey). Awareness of Visa payWave has also grown to 87%. We also hit a new milestone with 79% polled as understanding of its benefits (13% above target).