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30 Days, 30 Iftar: Coca-Cola Celebrates Ramadhan-Raya’s True Heroes, Moms

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coca-Cola
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The Challenge
Ramadan-Raya is the biggest season to drive volume for Coca-Cola, representing 17% contribution. This festive is a strategic opportunity for Coke to strengthen connection with Malays and drive frequency.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims, when reuniting and reconnecting with loved ones during many occasions of togetherness is most desirable, iftar meals being most frequent, 30 days throughout Ramadan. The connection between Coca-Cola and Ramadan is on the “specialness” of the moment itself and the way consumers perceive Coke as a treat for special occasions. Mom the Ramadan Hero tirelessly works to keep the family together, well-fed, and spirited even when she herself is fasting and without expecting anything in return. Coca-Cola appreciates the effort Moms put in to make Ramadan special, hence the idea – 30DAYS 30IFTAR with COCA-COLA, by celebrating her effort along with the entire family and community for 30 days of Ramadan. This made Coke truly and culturally relevant within the festive food occasion amongst the Malay community.

Media Execution
Press was chosen for daily presence throughout Ramadan. We partnered with Harian Metro’s ‘Salam Perantau’ (greetings from afar) column, where readers expressed desires or well wishes to loved ones and submit stories of heroic moms so that Coca-Cola can celebrate her with an Iftar meal for her family and community. We also made a mom’s wish come true who had been unable to join her family for Iftar in the past 7 years due to financial difficulty by flying her home to be with her family for iftar. This emotional reunion was featured as part of the editorial coverage in the papers.

Results and Effectiveness
Harian Metro alone, we reached 65% of >8mil Malays 15-49 Coke rode high throughout 30 days of Ramadan at an ROI of 17.6 Weekly+ consumption frequency for Coke gained +5points whilst 100Plus -4 points