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Lucozade Scores Against the Competiton

Advertiser: Suntory
Brand: Lucozade
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Lucozade #1 Isotonic in UK and the latest entrant in Malaysia was fighting a stiff battle against the category giant 100Plus. With 100Plus owning all the major sports, we needed to find a foothold engage consumers. We were tasked to drive awareness and reinforce Lucozade’s Isotonic Credentials.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Premier League is a strong passion point young Malaysians and they have a strong affinity with the sport. Ace footballer Steven Gerrard is Lucozade’s brand ambassador, his universal appeal and following allowed us to engage Consumers. Sports enthusiasts analyze, discuss and debate every aspect of the game, any and every news is eagerly consumed and repeatedly viewed. Armed with these insights our strategy revolved around placing the brand subtly in these conversations and showcasing the brand proposition for the consumers. Our Idea target consumers via Newspapers with ads placed within EPL editorial content.

Media Execution
We partnered with The Sun, top newspaper title among our TG. We planned our insertions on Monday, a day after the Super Sunday matches of Premiere League when the curiosity is on the high and the content is consumed eagerly. We planned our ad to appear alongside the Premiere League news, with the message highlighting Lucozade as the #1 Isotonic in the home ground of Premiere League Football, UK. High Frequency coupled with strategic positioning created a strong impact on the brand’s visibility. The press ads were complimented by strategic message placement in popular football websites like etc.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign had reached out to 306,000 audience per day for 5 days. Campaign had supported to increase brand share by 1%.