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Sensationalizing The Man Behind The Logo

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
How to bring MisterPotato to life as a recognizable human character, and not seen as just a logo?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
NurFazura and JoeFlizzow are famous celebrities. She is a famous actress. He is an award winning hip hop singer plus songwriter. Unknown to many, MisterPotato actually has more followers than these two! With more than 135K followers, how can we create talk of town news that MisterPotato could outshine famous celebrities like NurFazura and JoeFlizzow? Our master plan is to throw MisterPotato’s human character into the limelight by portraying him as an ultimate celebrity amigo friend.

Media Execution
We worked closely with HarianMetro’s editor to unfold the interesting stories about the man in the logo. Together, we made every MisterPotato news as big and important as any celebrity who deserves to receive the Malaysian “Walk of Fame” award (if such an award exist). Our collaboration included: – (1) Breaking news of MisterPotato’s arrival in Malaysia from Mexico (2) Exclusive story of his journey back to his hometown to rekindle a long lost friendship (3) Valuable friendship codes that he strongly believes in All articles were produced organically and published without being coined as “advertorial” or “sponsored article”. HarianMetro brought MisterPotato’s character to life as a real human amigo friend and he was given maximum coverage usually reserved for celebrities.

Results and Effectiveness
With coverage valued more than half a million Ringgit and over 200,000 impressions in HarianMetro’s newspaper and online respectively, we achieved a 60% awareness of the ‘real’ MisterPotato amongst Malay consumers. This contributed towards MisterPotato’s total sales value of RM28million (Sept-Dec 2016).