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Coca-Cola Breaks the Afternoon Slump in Real Time! (Audio Version)

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
‘Away-from-home’ is the second largest volume opportunity with break time as the consumption occasion. However, most youths don’t consider Coca-Cola as part of their break repertoire. Our challenge: Make Coca-Cola a weekly habit among youths during break time, by inspiring them during their lowest point of day.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We inspired youths to beat the afternoon slump, by putting action to our message: BE WHERE AND WHEN THE SLUMP HAPPENS: Most youths are on routine – at school or work – while struggling to maintain alert and energetic between 2-5pm. SERVE IN REAL TIME: Give youths looking for snacks and beverages during the slump, the opportunity to have a Coca-Cola within the hour of need. OUR IDEA, REAL-TIME LISTENING, REAL-TIME DELIVERY: Leverage Radio, agile to deliver a promise with a consequent quick response, to listen and deliver a Coca-Cola when youths are in need for it.

Media Execution
We used all aspects of Radio – DJs on HotFM, OneFM, FlyFM creating dialogue and sharing their post lunch slump with listeners, followed with a call to action promo on-air and online interads urging listeners to request Coke REAL TIME for their friends who are facing post-lunch slump during 2-5pm via social media by posting their friends’ slumping picture with mentioned location and #SemangatDenganCoke (#PerkUpWithCoke). Once the Radio Cruisers tracked the submissions, Coke was delivered and arrived on location within the hour, coupled with Radio DJs to surprise and delight the crowd. Live feeds on social and on-air created more hype and excitement to drive more entries!

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign reached 31% (1.93mil) youths just on Radio only. Real-Time Coke Delivery achieved 800++ #semangatdengancoke, in just 30 hours’ of activation and brought in +RM827k earned media value. Most importantly, +4% growth in Coca-Cola weekly consumption!