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Ford and Furious – Coming To All Radio Stations Near You

Brand: Ford
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The Challenge
Ford Ranger was facing a unique challenge. While it was lauded by truck enthusiasts for the way it looked, but they were skeptical about its strength and performance when compared to other hardcore trucks in the market. Ford needed to shatter this misperception once and for all.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Malaysians respond to stories better than just facts. Stories leave a lasting impression, while facts and figures are often forgotten. Media Agency recommended Ford to leverage on this unique insight to use story-telling to revamp the Ford Ranger image. The most iconic car lover movie for years has been Fast and Furious. The idea was to leverage this movie association and create an audio series which took Malaysian truck enthusiasts by storm. Ford and Furious was conceived as a non-stop 24 hour obstacle challenge, to showcase the real strength that a Ford Ranger packs within.

Media Execution
Partnering with Hitz FM Cruiser team, Ford turned Peninsular Malaysia into an obstacle course which Ford Ranger navigated through, non-stop for 24 hours. Through challenging terrains and tasks, Ford Ranger demonstrated its toughness, while being broadcast throughout the day across radio to the truck enthusiasts of Malaysia. The broadcast generated hype and interest and drove audiences to the final destination of the journey- Subang Skypark RAC Hangar, where the Ranger would tow an aircraft; an ultimate show of strength. With this movie type story telling the listeners stayed glued to their radios 24 hours and joined the cruisers for the climax – Ford Ranger towing an aircraft.

Results and Effectiveness
A total base of 2million listeners tuned listen to Ford and Furious- a live demonstration of raw Ford Ranger power, while 1000+ enthusiasts landed up at the hangar to view the climax. Ford Ranger had made a bang, and Malaysia witnessed Ford for what it was- built for the tough.