Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato
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The Challenge
MisterPotato is launching a new flavor, and in a highly saturated snack market, how do we create “BUZZ” and real differentiation?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
MisterPotato’s new flavor is “Honey Cheese” and as the saying goes “Where there is honey, there are bees”. We all know that when we hear the sound of bees buzzing, all our senses heighten and we are super alert! This was exactly the somatic marker effect we were looking for. We would have every listener’s attention. 100%. Besides making consumers curious to try the new flavor, the buzzing sound on radio was also to stimulate the listener’s imagination to connect bees buzzing with MisterPotato’s “Honey Cheese” flavor. This was definitely a first on our national radio airwaves!

Media Execution
A day before the launch, we ‘distracted’ listeners throughout the day with intermittent buzzing sounds on EraFM, putting listeners on alert looking around nervously for bees. We then got the DJs to perform a cardinal sin on radio; to eat MisterPotato’s Honey Cheese flavored chips LIVE on air! Over the next 4 weeks, MisterPotato dominated EraFM airwaves with bee buzzing sounds embedded into radio contests, live announcements, announcer talksets and also strategic commercial messages. Online, we took over EraFM’s website on the launch day with subsequent three weeks exposure on their Facebook page. For two weeks on ground, SkuadEra surprised and delighted lucky Malaysians with the latest sweet treats in town; MisterPotato’s Honey Cheese flavored chips.

Results and Effectiveness
• 5.7 million EraFM listeners were on alert ‘looking out’ for bees (GFK) • The viral effect of our campaign reached countless more • Between April to May, we achieved 25% increase in sales • The most impactful way to launch a new snack’s flavour is to create a powerful “purchasing buzz” in the consumers’ minds.