Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |


Advertiser: Wipro Unza
Brand: Dashing
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Dashing No Gas deodorant, an innovative product, was set to disrupt the Malaysian market. We had to establish this new product proposition among Male sports fans with only 1% deodorant category advertising.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Football is the biggest sport bonding Malay men. But our miniscule budget restricted our leverage on football. We had to think smart and local. The solution emerged in Malaysia’s version of football – Sepak Takraw. We found the opportunity in Sepak Takraw League 2016, reaching 5.1 million loyal fans. We had to make maximum impact on a minimum budget. Grabbing every eyeball and creating a lasting mental presence in the minds of our sports fans mattered to us. Idea: Own Sepak Takraw League 2016 court in a BIG way

Media Execution
For the first time ever in a Malaysian sports event, the main net poles were transformed into human sized Dashing No Gas deodorant bottles. With this iconic execution, we managed to be at the heart of the game throughout the tournament, without even being the lead sponsor. Whether it be the live audience in the stadium, fans watching on TV, reading the game coverage in newspaper or viewing through video clips online, nobody missed the Dashing No Gas bottle. Being on every single frame ensured that not a single eye ball missed our bottles, and more importantly our brand name.

Results and Effectiveness
Dashing No Gas deodorant launch was Dashing’s best this decade, contributing 22.4% to total sales in first 3 months! Sepak Takraw League 2016 was watched by 5.3 million Malaysians, the bottles generating RM 8.8 mil PR value with no extra media spend. Dashing Facebook Fans increased 60% to 115,000, with 100,000+ Views generated on YouTube and social media.