Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |


Advertiser: Wipro Unza
Brand: Enchanteur
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Enchanteur, a legacy brand, was slowly losing sheen among digitally native younger women. Our challenge was to establish our proposition of “CreatingMagicalMomentsEveryday” with this younger audience.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
For our younger audience, social acceptance is the bane of their existence. To bring alive the proposition of “CreatingMagicalMomentsEveryday” we juxtaposed an old world gesture of romance to this selfie obsessed generation. In our busy ‘stressful’ life nowadays, people tend to forget that it’s the little gestures that doesn’t take a lot of effort that can put a smile on their face. It was a gentle reminder from Enchanteur that ‘romantic moments’ can be created every day. Our activation idea was very much to pause them, invite them and leave them smiling.

Media Execution
We set up an enchanting rose garden in the middle of a high traffic mall inviting couples to celebrate their love, and captured this precious moment through a real hand sketch. The sketch is a little physical portrait they could cherish for eternity. Internally, we called it the analog garden selfie for a digital generation. Once the young couples got their sketching done we knew they wouldn’t be able to resist sharing on social media which we promoted through #createmagicalmoments. These photos were then automatically being uploaded on Facebook/Instagram as a live update to the audience via Enchanteur’s page. Ultimately, reminding them that is was Enchanteur who helped them create this little magic moment, thus seeding our proposition of “CreatingMagicalMomentsEveryday”.

Results and Effectiveness
We reached 3.08 million people and enchanted 136,000 at the event, resulting in an 18% overall sales uplift. • Total EDT = +12% YOY • Total Lotion = +24% YOY • Total Deodorant = +15% YOY • Total sales during campaign month was 8% higher than average 2016 monthly sales • Generated media value = RM1.24 Million – 4X more than actual investment