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Petron engages with the 4×4 hardcore

Advertiser: Petron
Brand: Petron
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The Challenge
The new Petron Turbo Diesel Euro 5 is a little late. Competitors have launched similar fuels using the same technology. Our task: Introduce and establish a position synonymous with high performance and technology. Our audience:Hardcore 4×4 drivers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Drivers associate high performance with ‘power’. And the best way to feel ‘power’ is to experience it. We asked ourselves, ‘What is most grueling terrain ever for a hardcore 4×4 driver’? Answer: The rainforest. With that, we put together the ultimate 4×4 event: ‘The Rainforest Challenge’. This led to our big idea: Experience the ultimate fuel in the ultimate terrain

Media Execution
The 12-day Rainforest Challenge was the first ever event of its kind with a social plug-in and live-cross on radio. We built up the excitement on air; and throughout the event- got the announcers, teams and KOLs to share the thrills and spills. We froze the moment with a 360 video where digital users were able to experience the power and excitement of a 4×4 in grueling conditions. Fans took part in contests and won tickets to experience the event in real life. Online and off, we got all 4×4 drivers talking about the same thing during those 12 days. Even non-4×4 drivers felt as if they were driving a 4×4. This is turbo diesel superiority at its finest.

Results and Effectiveness
Our campaign reached out to 1.6mil potential users through amplicafication to radio and radio. The activation-led social content received 37% VTR – 185% higher than usual benchmark. The campaign also earned PR value of MYR600,000. And finally, Turbo Diesel volume increased by a whopping 75%.