Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: Petroliam Nasional Berhad
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The Challenge
PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel had been plagued by negative perception over the years. The popular narrative was PETRONAS diesel had inferior quality, dirty, resulting low performance and could damage their vehicles. ‘How can we make Dynamic Diesel the first choice for truckers?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Diesel drivers considered themselves more macho, preferred SUVs and had an outdoorsy nature. But they had been circumspect with their routine life & ‘adventure rides’ were mere memories of younger days. When it came to fuel choices they had a perceptive fear of switching brands which did not allow them to get out of their COMFORT ZONES. These insights led us to devise a “test drive” for our fuel through a nationwide activation which became a testimony of PETRONAS’ Dynamic Diesel supremacy & a talking point amongst this niche. We partnered with the most credible auto-expert PAULTAN.ORG and 20 diesel trucks & 50 drivers were invited to “test drive our fuel” in a CARAVAN from KL to East Coast & back.

Media Execution
The route was carefully designed to include some of the most difficult terrains in Malaysia. From crossing a river, to climbing up a rocky mountain or even passing through Jungles to test PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel through the toughest challenges a driver can experience. The caravan stopped at designated Petronas stations where the fuel experts explained brand benefits along with a display of PETRONAS hospitality. The entire journey was captured through a candid video hosted by Harvinder, with content extracts (from article to video to the narratives of exhilarating journey) published on The activation was well received by the niche Diesel community who became our ambassadors and the word on social media & amongst their peers.

Results and Effectiveness
•Brand preference rose by 8% •11% sales increase •48,000 social interactions •PR Value of over RM1.2 mil. •50 new ambassadors actively advocating Dynamic Diesel!