Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Move More, Do More with Rexona

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Rexona
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
68% of our audience did not comprehend Rexona Deodorant’s distinctive Motionsense™ Microcapsules Technology which burst upon friction to release more fresh fragrance. The more a user moves throughout the day, the more fresh fragrance is released – a strong edge for Rexona. Rexona had to establish this distinctive standing in the market to gain share.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Since fragrance should be experienced, not just seen, Rexona had to find an innovative way to communicate its distinctive technology. Understanding that Malaysian consumers seek exciting activities and value experience over physical products, we designed a strategy for consumers to understand Rexona’s Motionsense™ technology in an unforgetable, experiential way.

Media Execution
We identified ‘The Electric Run’, a popular 5km night run, and added our layer of adaptive approach through the integration of Life+ differentiator. We introduced wearable technology, a first-in-market innovation to highlight the advantages of Motionsense™ at the event. The wearable device captured the steps taken by an individual and converted them into moves. The moves captured in the concert hall were converted into an equal donation amount to support the social responsibility of the brand ‘Ambient Sensors’. A running tally of number of moves and donation collected were displayed live on a big screen, encouraging the audience to keep moving and collect more donations. Our brand ambassador performing at the concert also urged the audience to keep moving. This execution educated our audience how more movement equates to more results, helping them experience how more movement with Motionsense™ leads to more fragrance.

Results and Effectiveness
Over 15,000 participants made 104 million Fresh moves and raised RM 100,007 for charity. Over 20,000 interactions happened on social media, with a reach of 4.7 million (Sizmek). The brand’s sales increased by 33% (internal sales) & penetration grew by 2% (Kantar Data) whereas the benchmark was only 100bps as compared to LY May 2015.