Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

How cheap are you?

Advertiser: Courts
Brand: Courts
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The Challenge
Courts is an electronics, appliance and furniture retailer with over 60 stores nationwide. They have always talked about having the lowest price and promised refunds if customers found a cheaper item elsewhere. The market is- unfortunately- fickle and easily distracted by the latest retail and e-commerce offering. How can we bring customers back to Courts?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
All Malaysians love a bargain. The cheaper, the better. As soon as they’ve bought the item however, the thrill is gone. The hunt for the next bargain begins. We dug deeper and found something else that Malaysians love more than a bargain: Bargaining. We put together a proposition: The lowest (price) gets the mostest. Now all we need is a bait to lure customers. Introducing the First Live Reverse Auction How low is too low for latest handset, tv and washing machine? Let’s find out.

Media Execution
On Facebook, we put up various items for bidding. Except instead of raising the price, we asked Malaysians to lower it by RM0.01 in each consecutive bid. And so, Malaysia’s first reverse auction was broadcasted in real time on Facebook Live. People placed their bids in the comments box. The lowest bidder- after an allocated time- was able to purchase the item at the lowest bid price.

Results and Effectiveness
With zero paid media, we reached over 150K Malaysians Over 8K people participated in the bids. Courts firmly established as the place to go for the lowest price.