Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Ejen Ali bringing iMAMEEginasi to life!

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mamee Monster Biskidz
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Being a late entrant in an already saturated biscuit market, how can MameeMonsterBiskidz (MMB) capture attention and drive trial of its healthier biscuits for kids?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Human influencers’ in theory works for any brand, but very unlikely for MMB who are targeting kids. Kids adore cartoon character rather than adults. These characters become their idol, their influencer and their friend. We saw the opportunity of partnering with MediaPrima’s witty smart cartoon character; EjenAli, as our influencer, to build MMB; the witty fun brand. With MMB as the food that champion kid’s imaginations, EjenAli works as the catalyst to drive action beyond awareness. We let EjenAli’s world run wild with “Kuasai iMameeginasi!”

Media Execution
Ali is an average kid in school and also a secret agent for MATA. Each time by taking a bite of MMB, Ali’s world transforms into the world of EjenAli. Every bite of MMB lead to an A-Ha moment of transformation. Leveraging on both identities, we build brand buzz via “iMameeginasi”. EjenAli echoed tangible footprints of the brand by educating the kids on cyber safety. In app-game, Ali was transformed as EjenAli by unlocking packs of MMB. With his MMB armored-suit, he unlock more power-ups for easier completion of the game. We redefined influencer through EjenAli.

Results and Effectiveness
Overall media delivery was 13% over target. Our average CTR is 22.27%! We captured the hearts of over 2.8 million Kids, 63% of total kids in Malaysia with a staggering average frequency of 61x views per kid! Brand consideration increased 42%. 650K downloads for the app game. Per user recorded an average of 1.5 sessions per day, with average 567seconds per session. The brand took a dominant position with 38% sales growth.