Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

4 Gyms, 4 Instructors and 4 Influencers

Advertiser: BMW Group Malaysia
Brand: MINI
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
The MINI COUNTRYMAN is often referred to as a Dream Machine owing, to its strong performance & muscular exterior. We had to strengthen this positioning amongst the millennials.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Millennials thrive on trends especially those started by their favorite celebrities. Along with Christmas, December is known to be the month when almost everyone starts thinking of New Year resolutions. Furthermore, we looked at the audience psychographics and concluded that personal achievements and empowerment are essential, and amongst the key drivers were “Sports & Fitness”. So the agency married these two trends and highlighted MINI Countryman’s toughness, speed, power and agility through a movement around fitness (which gets a hype around the New Year time). Our movement entailed 4 gyms, 4 trainers, & 4 influencers and their journey together that made the MINI Countryman their followers’ car of choice.

Media Execution
TRAINERS KICKSTAR THE MOVEMENT: 4 Trainers each were given the MINI Countryman car to start getting inspired to create a MINI Countryman Workout. This goes on Social media as teaser video content. INFLUENCERS FUEL THE MOVEMEMENT: The chosen influencers start documenting trainers’ workout with them and poaching their MINIs for a quick test drive which went to their own & the Trainers’ social media pages. GYMS SPREAD THE MOVEMENT: A MINI Countryman was given to each gym for a month for their members to test drive via the Locker Lottery i-e: 1 winner per week via car key in random lockers per week with the social media hype. This was complimented by Social media buys on Facebook & Instagram shares to get all Malaysians test driving the car.

Results and Effectiveness
2,600,000 millennials engaged with our movement. 40,000 new visitors for a niche brand like MINI through this campaign. 658 Organic shares. 98.3% Positive sentiments in social media. RM283,000 earned PR value.