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Influencing #MiracleBoost for Olay

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Olay
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Olay in Malaysia has declined at -15% CAGR for the past 3 years with an absence of media in market. The challenge was to prove a success model to drive explosive anti-ageing growth in Malaysia, leveraging on product innovation launch of Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The Malaysian womans’ path to purchase for skincare has undergone significant shift with Beauty influencers and female-centric portals playing an increasingly critical role during pre-purchase research and decision. We saw this as a big opportunity for Olay, to leverage these key opinion leaders to drive consideration and trial for the brand. With this key insight, we developed a launch model for Olay Miracle Boost with a social-led strategy (>60% investment), to drive e-buzz and credentialing.

Media Execution
Olay embarked on a 3-prong strategy to cover and intercept its target audience pre-purchase decision journey. 1)Appear Popular: Partnered with more than 15 beauty influencers to seed about 60 social media posts & blog content creating big buzz for NEW product and driving credentialing & deep review on product efficacy. 2)Be Big Everywhere: Handpicked top beauty and female-skewed sites by having homepage takeover banners to announce the new launch. Further supported by editorial content to create credibility for Olay Miracle Boost and “owning” the prime space “anti-aging tab” on beauty portals homepages. 3)Reach Booster: Targeted TA on highly browsed Facebook/Instagram newsfeed, communicating product benefits to drive to e-commerce with Shop Now button.

Results and Effectiveness
Within 3 months of campaign, Olay’s social-led launch was proven a huge success to be reapplied as a framework for future campaigns. – Spectacular turnaround of business with 20% sales growth – 50 million plus impressions delivered on social and dedicated anti-aging tab drove about 200,000 section visits. – Beauty bloggers and beauty sites’ content articles garnered more than 125,000 pageviews & influencers’ social posts reached more than 750,000 social following.”