Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

The way to the heart is through the stomach

Advertiser: Petron
Brand: Petron
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Petron who? This is the usual reaction when we tell motorists about Malaysia’s newest petrol station. And no wonder- we were up against national darling Petronas, and Formula 1 fuel, Shell. How do you get Malaysians to sit up and take notice?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Here’s what we know about drivers -They love food -They love finding new versions of their favourite food -80% of drivers pump petrol after office hours -They are in a hurry to go back after filling up As for Petron station managers: -They live around the area -They know the best places to eat -They are happy to share their knowledge With Ramadhan around the corner, we brought both worlds together. The idea: What if we made each petrol station the local tour guide to the best food in the area?

Media Execution
Months before puasa, we asked various station managers to nominate their favourite dish at a nearby Ramadhan Bazaar. The latter had to be within 5km of the station. We selected 10 stations, and gave out coupons to redeem that special dish. The catch? Drivers had to post on social media – on any platform – thanking Petron for recognizing the area’s special dish. In this way, Well-fed drivers became brand ambassadors for Petron on social media

Results and Effectiveness
We created long ques at the station that was recommended. Each station gave out 200 coupons in 2 hours. We gained more than 5,000 new fans during this short period of campaign. Our engagement rate for the campaign exceed benchmark by 54% Petron market share in Q4 increased by 79%. Research prove to us that people who has seen our campaign, are more likely to visit a Petron station with strong trial rate.