Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |


Advertiser: Petroliam Nasional Berhad
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The Challenge
Despite being synonymous with Festive advertising- One way communication was affecting PETRONAS as average Malaysian felt left out. Our task was to cut through the clutter of feel-good raya films and create a new benchmark.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
malaysians are highly emotional but have the tendency of hiding their emotions especially that of love & care. Emotions are heightened during the festive months that call for communal integration & promote a sense of togetherness. Petronas Raya TVC was an epicentre of emotions but just airing the Raya-film would not help Malaysians come out of their shell of practicality. We created a nationwide social movement to instantly capture and spread how Malaysians respond to it by devising the first REACTION videos Strategy.

Media Execution
Six KOLs (Fadzil Zahari, Fynn Jamal etc) launched their reaction videos on their social pages encapsulating their emotional response to PETRONAS’ Raya-webfilm. Sparking conversations across social media with their fans following suit. Then released their segment called ‘Malaysians Reacts To PETRONAS Raya Add, time to grab your tissues!’ showcasing six ordinary Malaysians reaction. The Says stories became viral quickly making their rounds on various social media pages. Radio celebrities and Alpha seeders added fuel to the movement with their reaction videos. DJs reaction videos were posted on station ‘social platforms along with their own. In no time entire Malaysia was reacting to the PETRONAS Raya video with tears of joy.

Results and Effectiveness
• 1,525,859 engagements • 45 minutes of additional video content • Each video on Says received 200k+ view • An all-time high VTR of 47.94% • Over 1.6million organic views recorded • 13% organic increase in YT subscribers • 743 User generated content received during the campaign • Free PR worth 7,500,000+ PETRONAS association with “Bringing Malaysia together” increased by 19%