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Hunting Unicorns in a valley of Donkeys

Advertiser: AIA
Brand: AIA
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The Challenge
We worked with AIA towards Online to Offline lead-gen. Get a simple form filled out online, then AIA LifePlanners follow up and close sales. It took our darndest to lower 2015 CPLs by 53% vs. 2014. For 2016, we needed to beat our best and lower lead costs.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Platforms were differentiated by quality and cost. FB costs were low, but quality lower. Programmatic had higher CPLs but better conversions. GSP & SEM drove average CPL, above average conversions. Breaking it down, we saw bottom 50% performing ads driving upto 15x lower CTR’s than average… we called these boys, Donkeys. We also noticed some Unicorns (top performers) were actually performing upto 7-8x higher CTRs. This led to the realization that Quality/Relevance Scores could possibly improve positions, SOV and most importantly our CPL… Strategy: Elimination.

Media Execution
The hunt was on. We descended the hypothetical Performance Valley. Ripped through hordes of Donkeys, deleting every bad ad we could find and identified our top picks for Unicorns. Next, we tasked team members and even interns to go through each Unicorn ad to note what they thought made it special. Again, we eliminated isolated feedbacks to agree on a formula to make more Unicorns. We added BM copies, increased our bids where it mattered, made our ad writing snappier and reworked our entire top 20% deliverers. We optimized available channels to funnel effectiveness and remarketing to penny to pile efficiencies.

Results and Effectiveness
We achieved a 1.6 AveragePosition, 56% SOV on SEM. GSP delivered an unprecedented 11.4% CTR. FB costs went down even further (-18%) and RTB delivered 1.02% click-to-lead ratio. The CPL improved by a further 17%. That’s Real Results. Delivered for AIA, The Real Life Company.