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API-responsive SEM drives Coway sales

Advertiser: Coway
Brand: Coway Air Purifiers
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
For the last 10 years, Coway has been the leading air purifier brand. However, rising API levels have also resulted in more competition. The category grew by 9% -giving consumers plenty of choice. How can we make Coway stand out, and drive sales?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Air purifiers are a solution purchase – bought only when there’s haze. No haze, no need for an air purifier. Data showed promoting air purifiers without haze produces little to no results. But how can we predict where and when the haze will strike? Answer: By listening to consumers. We came up with a list of keywords that people typically search for during the haze. For relevancy, we added words describing possible symptoms or illnesses caused by the haze: cough, congestion, blurry vision and more. Diagnostics also showed a high correlation between API levels and volume of queries for these search terms.

Media Execution
sing SEM, we were now able to reach consumers who are (almost) ready to buy an air purifier. We created a campaign that would only run on days when API levels hit a certain mark. Zero wastage, maximum reach. API Air Quality Budget SOV Target 0-50 Good – - 51-79 Low moderate – - 80-100 High moderate Low 30-40% 100-149 Unhealthy Medium 40-55% 150-200 Very Unhealthy High 55-75% 200+ Extreme Air Pollution All-in 75-90%

Results and Effectiveness
We drove 3,353 clicks at an average 1.6 position with a 36% SOV delivery converting to 1,223 sales. We were active for only 37 days (that had Haze) in 2016, saving our client RM65,260/- Branded keywords drove a 13% CTR while Air pollution keywords carried 36% SOV Sales expanded by 6% expanding our lead to 36% market share