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Battleship strategy wins the lead-gen battle for Coway

Advertiser: Coway
Brand: Coway Water Purifiers
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The Challenge
Coway is a direct-selling water purifier brand. They have over 3,500 agents nationwide who rely on leads through WOM, assignments and trade activities. But people people don’t like salespeople approaching them. We were challenged us to find a way to increase leads and ultimately sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Water purifiers aren’t top of mind. People are getting busier and busier. But, have you noticed how we are busier for other people, not for our mobile devices? Mobile has an 87% reach. They wake up and sleep . This observation led to our big idea: Make the sale before the sale. What if we could find out who is thinking of buying a new water purifier? Could we use technology lure customers ever-closer to our salespeople?

Media Execution
Existing technology allowed us to serve ads at any one location. But, salespeople move around alot. And with 1,000 of them, the tech couldn’t aim at so many moving targets. We had to ‘reimagine’ the solution as Battleship… a boardgame where players deduce the location of opposition’s battleships. This breakthrough thinking led to us collecting device ID’s, future schedules and study agents’ locations. Then, we served Virtual Pitches to smartphones within a 200m proximity of agents. Post pitch, customers could call our salespeople or walk over to our agent for a demonstration. We killed two birds with one solution… exponentially improved Coway’s lead-gen scale and fast-tracked the customer journey from awareness to sales.

Results and Effectiveness
We achieved 168k clicks with 1.84% CTR getting our agents 32,475 calls. Cost Per Lead (including activation, HR and advertising) went down significantly. We were able to accurately pinpoint surging demand in JB. More importantly, Coway closed the year with 40% growth in water purifier sales. So, we ask… why stop at lead-gen? When we say we play to win, we mean it… literally!