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Maxis beats crisis with a H.A.M.-mer

Advertiser: Maxis Communications
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
2016, Maxis faced one of the most prominent crisis in Malaysian Telco industry with allegations of differential and inappropriate pricing of products and services by consumers. Competitors swooped in as an acquisition opportunity. MaxisOnePlan had to respond fast and come back strong.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The key comeback weapon for anger is humility. The greater the anger the higher the level of humility needed. We designed a custom campaign, matching the humility level of communications, to the level of anger. H.A.M.- Humility Anger Matrix was designed as the base for the campaign to create custom content. We identified three audiences: Maxis Loyal Customers, Maxis Crisis Switchers, Competitor Subscribers. A three pronged campaign was activated using H.A.M.

Media Execution
We targeted the loyals, with utmost humility, but timed the campaign when they are possibly at their lowest level of anger- just when they wake up in the mornings. Using Customer Database Matching, we reached their mobile screens first thing in the morning, informing them of the renewed MaxisOnePlan benefits. The Switchers were targeted with an early morning awareness message and on interation, were retargeted with a strong CTA to switch back. The Comp. Subscribers were served with dynamic content highlighting the benefits of the new MaxisOnePlan, nudging them to switch. If they were heavy data consumers, we highlighted more data, while to line sharers we highlighted data sharing & supplementary line benefits. Thus, by using H.A.M. to fuel the campaign, each message was custom designed and delivered at the right time, on the right screen to the right audience.

Results and Effectiveness
- Even as consumers were porting out, we regained MaxisOnePlan subscribers with +15.48% over previous quarter! – Maxis image scores for”brand worth paying for” +17% & “best for mobile data” +10%. – Total 136 mil impressions & 621k clicks with 4X higher campaign scroll rates than previous MaxisOnePlan campaign.