Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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The Challenge
Online Banking offers users the convenience of managing one’s finances anytime, anywhere. But a large chunk of millennials was not interested in activating their M2U accounts. How do we change that?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Millennials were asked to name one thing that they value the most: Instead of getting typical answers like“Mom”, “Dad”,”BF/GF”: we got “mobile phones”. Malaysian millennials look at their phones at more than 150 times a day. Therefore, we came up with a mobile centric strategy that intelligently linked Maybank’s business data with consumer habits to entice the millennials into registering for M2U. We geo-linked branch details (provided by Maybank) with traffic data obtained from Ad near and to design first of its kind campaign that dynamically created and served relevant messages to customers at the most relevant locations and drive to the nearest branch.

Media Execution
The agency designed an exclusive algorithm that combined data received from Maybank branches & fused it seamlessly with digital & social media habits of the millennials. Branches with high traffic were categorized as the Red Hot Zones & Hot Zones, we further looked at their travelling habits & interest with the help of geo-pin and created multiple audience clusters with customized messaging. With geo-targeting, we used mobile ad near and ad push data to deliver dynamic, customized ads to the distinct audience segments through Wi-Fi signal. Furthermore, we imitated this approach on Social media platforms such as: Facebook to further serve the audience with customized interest based ads.

Results and Effectiveness
• 15,639,556 impressions, • 210,067 clicks • 223,845 engagements. • An impressive 2.45% CTR! • New activate users have also increase by 0.8% within the 3 months campaign! • RM 3.5 million worth of new transactions This also helped us create customer psychographic cluster that Maybank could use for cross/upsell.