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Live Olympics scores win Gold for Samsung

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung
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The Challenge
Samsung, global sponsor of the 2016 Olympics. Their flagship product: Galaxy S7 Edge. Before and during the games, every brand associated with it will be clamouring for attention. How can we stand out? More importantly, how can we connect with fans while promoting GalaxyS7?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Our targets were existing Samsung (non-Galaxy S7) users and other Android users. All Malaysians love sports and are always proud when our athletes win. We looked at the top 5 sports most likely to deliver a medal for our tanahair. Cycling Swimming Running Diving, and Badminton Next, we looked into the mindset of the average fan. During the games, there’s one thing on his mind: the games. Everything else is secondary. This formed the basis of our comms strategy: Give people what they want, and maybe they’ll give us permission to talk about our product/ brand. We decided to use live scores as a way to get- and keep- audience’s attention.

Media Execution
Together with Google and a tech partner, we were able to synchronise match timings and scores on our new platform. We put together different messages throughout, highlighting various features of our smartphone. When audiences were online checking for highlights of relevant sports, the ads would be triggered. Pre-Match- Show countdown timer + phone During Match- Show live score + social hashtag Post-Match Win- Congratulations message Post-Match Loss- Thank you message There was also a CTA to pledge and support our athletes.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign reach out to 58.3million impressions of Olympic fans. Average Campaign CTR was 0.12%, 20% better than typical display campaigns (Source: Google MY). Average CTR for badminton alone was 0.2% The campaign was successful in helping many Malaysians (22,000 clicks) stay updated with Samsung Galaxy S7