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TM becomes ‘Preferred Olympics Broadcaster’ using Sleep Screen Targeting

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: TM
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Astro was the Official Broadcaster for Olympics, and TM’s HyppTV owned limited broadcasting rights. TM needed to find an alternate way to drive brand preference and consumption on HyppTV mobile, during Olympics.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
While the TV screen was dominated by Astro’s ‘official broadcast’, Media Agency recommended TM to dominate another more engaging screen which Malaysians love – the Sleep Screen or their mobile screen which people watch while in bed. Given that, Olympics was being broadcast at night, using effective Sleep Screen Targeting, HyppTV brand preference was created, driving HyppTV downloads , so people don’t have to stay ‘up’ and watch, but could ‘sleep in’ and follow.

Media Execution
The campaign was designed to peak on Sleep Screen Targeting by mapping the consumption of audiences across all digital platforms, while in bed. With this intelligence, TM deployed hyper-targeted content interfaces catching the audience’s attention while they are glued to their sleep screens, leading them to download HyppTV as their preferred source of Olympics coverage. Our social media specialists broadcasted live via digital platforms one hour before Malaysians slept, While Malaysia slept, the team populated the content feeds. Come morning, the screens erupted with HyppTV’s custom Olympics content, tailored to the different personas and interests, making their experience relevant, to drive HyppTV’s consumption and brand preference. Using Sleep Screen targetting, TM dominated the TV Screen to rule the hearts and minds of Olympics fans across Malaysia

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign garnered 52,000 app downloads in two weeks, 1364% higher than KPI, with a record CPA of RM 1, 334% higher than industry benchmarks,including 102,745 mentions . Overall, the campaign generated social value worth RM 4.1 mil at an ROI of 33.6. During this period, AstroTV sports viewership dropped by 67% while HyppTV viewership increased by 133%, making TM the preferred broadcaster of Olympics in Malaysia.