Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: BMW Group
Brand: BMW
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The Challenge
BMW (-4%) sales were slowing against Mercedes (+56%). A marketers’ nightmare! Greater challenge: we had to launch the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), costing RM 388,800, an expensive, unproven new product category.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
PHEV users are a different breed: Super-rich and hard to get! Agency insights told us: 1. With escalating fuel price, they were cautious about cost 2. 60% were young buyers, Technology Adopters 3. 55% of potential buyers saw PHEV as environment-friendly car 4. Some were concerned about battery-charging facility We segmented audience into five psychographic segments: 1. “Miserly Millionaires” –cost-conscious consumers 2. “Tree Hugger” –consumers who want to “save the environment” 3. “Tech Taiko” –C-Suites who need to own the latest tech 4. “Performance Seeker” –eDrive technology, combined electric motor and efficient combustion engine. 5. The “Benzer” – diehard Mercedes lovers We then served highly customised messages to encourage test-drive/sales.

Media Execution
High performance execution strategy that quickly changed gears: Gear1: Created custom audience targeting sets for psychographic segments e.g The Benzers – fans and consuming Benz content; Tree Hugger: interested in renewable energy, etc. Gear2: Tailored messages to each group e.g. Miserly Millionaire – “travel from Ampang to Subang without a single drop of fuel” Gear3: A/B creative tests for segments, increasing efficiency. Gear4: Skewed Mobile, increasing conversion 37% Gear5: Geo-fenced ads near BMW showrooms, driving instant test drives Gear6: Bid for top page position in Search to cement leadership position in PHEV category Gear7: Increased sign-ups through Look-Alike clusters Overdrive: Re-targeted those who visited BMW X5 page but did not sign-up

Results and Effectiveness
• 1,000+ test drive sign-ups in just 2 weeks • Sales Exceeded projections by 174% • Showroom footfalls increased 50% • Fastest selling model in 2016 • Most importantly, BMW accelerated past arch rival Mercedes in growth! o Mercedes Sales: (2016 vs. 2015) +8% o BMW Sales: (2016 vs. 2015) +20% We had created the Ultimate Digital Marketing Machine!