Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

You Think We’re In The Dark? We Know Who You Are.

Advertiser: Celcom
Brand: Celcom Passport
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The Challenge
Celcom had to quickly relaunch their roaming product (CelcomPassport) to capitalize on the scale of outbound Malaysia travellers, silent roamers who prefer to use a tourist SIM than subscribing to roaming services. Our challenge was to get them to subscribe to our new and improved service during peak year-end travel season, by uniquely understanding their needs.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Silent roamers are cost-conscious and do not understand how roaming subscription works but face the hassle of using tourist SIM or locating public wifi. Deep analyses into ‘outbound travellers’ behaviour found that content sharing peaks when they are planning for their travels, of which 84% of content sharing in SEA happens on dark social (WhatsApp, FBMessenger,WeChat, Email). We harnessed this data on dark social by going right into the consideration and action-oriented mindsets of the consumer, to fuel a data-driven paid and owned media strategy.

Media Execution
Leading up to the year-end holidays, we created 3 custom audience segments (Penny-Pinchers, Luxury-Seekers, Pragmatists) based on people’s content sharing habits and psyches on dark social, to relevantly reach out to more than half a million outbound travellers in a month. We targeted the sharers and recipients of messages within the native platform using dynamically created and personalised creatives anchored on tracked conversed data on dark social. At the heart of display and video ads is one key message that travellers can roam freely with CelcomPassport without bill shocks and unnecessary hassles. A Penny-Pincher sees “cheapest deals.” A Luxury-Seeker gets invited to “convenience + premium services.” A Pragmatist sees “hassle-free + value options.” All within 48 hours from the moment the decision to travel is signaled through conversations on dark social.

Results and Effectiveness
In just 4 weeks, we reached 564k outbound travellers, average frequency of 6.25x and 87% video completion rate! And +20x subscriptions vs average number in previous months.