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Forensic Analysis of Real Time Data Busted Sales By 175%!

Advertiser: GuoLine eMarketing Sdn Bhd
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The Challenge
GEMFIVE operates in a highly competitive ecommerce industry where competitors are constantly out pricing each other. Profits were coming down rapidly. Alarmed, client tasked us to find new avenues to counter this oncoming tsunami. Time was literally money.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Analysing the client’s business data revealed a behavior that particularly stood out from the typical ecommerce consumer. There was a group of online shoppers who spent lesser time on site but yet transacted at a higher average order value. Belonging to an older age group, residing in the heart of city centers, we also noticed that their online purchases normally took place during the short lunch time window. From the demographic and purchase behavior data, we were able to identify a niche segment of time poor white collar professionals who were likely to not be as price sensitive and would appreciate convenience over cost. These insights gathered from the data was then transferred into our targeting and communication strategies

Media Execution
The emails of this newly discovered type of online shoppers were uploaded onto Google and Facebook’s systems. Once matched, we were able to retarget them with relevant offers, which were determined based on their previous browsing and purchase behaviors. Ads were served during specific times of the day when we knew they were most likely to transact. Furthermore, relentless tweaking of messages ranging from quality assurance, fast delivery, to 6 days customer service was carried out to further improve the conversion rate. Finally, leveraging on Facebook’s lookalike targeting technology, we were able to broaden the base of this lucrative audience through finding other consumers who demonstrated similar demographic and behavioral traits.

Results and Effectiveness
25% rise in average monthly revenue. 47% higher conversion rate. 95% increase in ROI! Busted the previous daily sales record by 175%. Finally, an impressive 569% increase in new customers.