Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Data-driven commerce

Advertiser: Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (1081077-X)
Brand: Go Shop
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The Challenge
Over four years, GoShop has amassed a massive pool of data on its prospective and existing consumers. The challenge was to dissect this dynamic and growing data pool into consumer insights which can help the brand design and drive effective and relevant marketing campaigns to achieve its business objectives

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insights: Data indicated: 1) Most brand consumers will multi-screen, i.e. use their mobile devices while watching TV to do online research on the products they see on TV. 2) Branded content videos delivered higher user engagement than normal ad videos. Strategy: The strategy was to display on users’ mobile screens relevant GoShop promos and ads as they watch home shopping programs on TV. Supplementing this were daily “life hack” branded content relevant to daily trends by using artificial intelligence technology. Idea: The idea was to divert competitors’ viewers to GoShop’s alternate property on official social media platforms by triggering brand ads on their mobile devices. This alternate property will then host branded content showcasing “life hack” videos that leverage daily trends to help solve users’ real life problems.

Media Execution
Using artificial intelligence, “life hack” videos were created on a real-time basis by marrying daily hot trends with relevant products available on GoShop. When competitor’s programs aired on TV, a programmatic trigger would simultaneously display on the user’s mobile device GoShop’s ads showcasing relevant product and promos, diverting them to the brand’s official social media desitinations hosting these “life hack” videos. To further expand reach beyond TV, these videos were also distributed to relevant users across online and social media platforms.

Results and Effectiveness
• Number of purchases doubled, significantly increasing revenue. • eCP0’s were 2.3 times lower than industry benchmarks • 3 times higher engagement rate than industry benchmarks • 4 times higher interaction rates than industry benchmarks • VTR: 20% higher than industry benchmarks