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The Panadol Learning Machine

Advertiser: GlaxoSmithKline
Brand: Panadol
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The Challenge
Panadol (>90% market share) was struggling with slow growth & lack of growth opportunities. People were consuming less pain killers for fear of impossible side effects like heart risks. Key objectives were – - Create conversations about “Panadol Leaves your body in 24 hrs” – 5% increase in usage intent – Identify new target segments & drive 2017 growth

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Search behaviour & social listening showed 80% people looking for headache relief were focused on headache causes and lifestyle changes (like stress). So we decided to laser target & identify profiles who are more likely to use Panadol instead of going for lifestyle changes. To execute this, we created a mash-up of data sources across various campaign/category signals, to identify Brand Receptive Consumer such that we could – – Shift from prospecting on age/gender to Brand Receptive segments – Optimise delivery to such individual segment set-ups – Evaluate brand metrics instead of media metric across segments

Media Execution
1. Slow + fast moving data was combined with our DSP to create advanced segmentation: 113 Pain Profiles refined with brand KPI’s were created to deliver micro targeting at scale. 2. Traditional algorithms optimize against 1 media objective. The Learning Machine had a customized algorithm, adapted to meet the performance outcomes across multiple KPI’s-Purchase Intent, Completion Rate & Viewability and thus better impact brand effectiveness. 3. New Business Segment Mining: We analysed 113 profiles based on media + brand KPI’s to identify 3 new segments for faster growth 4. This data was further used to create 2017 content plans

Results and Effectiveness
- 12 times increase in conversations around “Panadol leaves your body within 24 hours”; 85% showing positive sentiment – 13 points uplift on “I will use it more frequently than before” among users – 3 totally new growth segments identified for faster brand growth in 2017