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Laser Precision Anxiety-Targeting Technology

Advertiser: Vinda Group
Brand: Drypers
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The Challenge
Drypers targets a very sensitive segment- MOTHERS. Brand had moved its CRM from offline to online, and needed to recruit more online members. Satisfied mothers can boost repeat purchase, hence quality of program recruits was essential. While there are many media offerings targeting Moms, none are laser precise.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Pregnancy is an emotional journey, and Moms constantly feel anxious from pre-planning, to post birth. Throughout, Moms stay in close contact with their gynaecologists and their paediatrician. How do we use this insight to our advantage? The Agency negotiated first of its kind partnership with a Telco with 100% accuracy in targeting! Partnering with Celcom we used a revolutionary Audience Intelligence Technology to precisely target and reassure anxious Moms right after they have made a phone call to their gynaecologist, or paediatrician. Format was SMS because it was the least cluttered form of advertising, and can reach both users on data & Wi-Fi. Messaging was warm, offering Moms reward point system for every (diaper) investment they made.

Media Execution
Since SMS allows bullseye precision, we segmented anxious Moms in three layers and sent customised messages using the technology: Demographic classification: Mom’s age, their race, child’s age. Data and information gathered are later used for our e-CRM purposes. Geographical classification: Frequency distribution covering Urban and Rural. Agency shortlisted 360 gynaecologist and paediatrician numbers, all with the shortest distance to Drypers’ sales outlets. Language Classification: We sent SMS personalized in Bahasa to Malay Moms and English to other race, to boost conversions. Need classification: Messages mapping Mom’s needs: Those calling gynaecologists, received convenience-centric messages and those calling paediatricians got kid-centric message.

Results and Effectiveness
• 1,500 Moms recruited in just 6 days; 90% above target. • Online members’ Cost of Acquisition below RM5.00. • 11% increase in members’ retention rate • Contributed to Drypers’ # 1 sales position in 2016 beating competition, as Moms repeat purchase increased.