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Go Shop Goes Viral with Artificial Intelligence

Advertiser: Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (1081077-X)
Brand: Go Shop
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The Challenge
GoShop wants to effectively transition its positioning from a TV shopping brand to an online shopping destination. To cut through the clutter, GoShop wants to highlight its differentiator: the power of a product demo. To maintain its relevance and refreshing image, GoShop must efficiently create relevant videos daily in high volume.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insights: Online video consumption in Malaysia has skyrocketed to 200 videos per month. Brands are usually unable to keep up with this pace, primarily due the turnaround time and cost associated with creating real-time, topical and adaptive videos. Strategy: To relevantly showcase the power of a product demo, we tapped into consumer viewing behaviour and created product demo videos leveraging daily trends. To overcome turnaround and cost challenges of producing videos, we used artificial intelligence technology to automatically create a video by merging real-time intelligence of trends with GoShop products, enabling high volume video production on a real-time basis. Idea: To strongly position GoShop as an online video commerce brand, we produced one video per day during the campaign period to maximise our SOV and ensure consumers notice our differentiators.

Media Execution
To produce relevant videos in high-volume, an intelligence machine tapped into daily trends and identified the most popular trends. Using artificial intelligence, videos were created on a real-time basis by marrying daily hot trends with relevant products available on GoShop. For example, if the intelligence machine identified cooking as a daily hot trend amongst users, it would create a video with a recipe showcasing products available on GoShop. These videos are further strategically distributed across social media and online platforms.

Results and Effectiveness
• Growth of viewership on FB page: 10 times higher than TVCs • 3 times higher engagement rate and 4 times higher interaction rates then benchmarks? • VTR: 20% higher than benchmarks? • eCPOs of these videos were 2.3 times lower than benchmarks?