Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Rojak 360° – Telling Malaysian tales the 360° way

Advertiser: Maxis Communications
Brand: Maxis
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The Challenge
“Merdeka!”, the signature cry of Malaysia’s independence. Sadly, the spirit of Merdeka seems to be fading as Malaysia faces racial division like never before. Maxis, a homegrown brand, made it its mission to drive Positive Change by celebrating diversity amongst Malaysians with the Internet.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In reality, Malaysia is strong because of its mixed cultures. Cultural diversity is ingrained in us. We even have a term for it; “Rojak”, when different things or people are mixed together. “Rojak” in the language we use, the food we eat, the friends we make. Last Merdeka, we reminded Malaysians of our “Rojak”ness, and let them EXPERIENCE what it truly meant to ‘put yourself in others shoes’. We created Rojak360°- Malaysia’s first 360° film series of uniquely Malaysian stories, designed to allow viewers an immersive experience of being Malaysian, ‘in every degree’ with the Internet.

Media Execution
We partnered with Malaysia’s No.1 content provider YouTube, and five homegrown award-winning storytellers, and broadcasted Rojak360° films through YouTube’s 360° immersive video-on-mobile platform. By just moving their phones, we allowed viewers an immersive experience of being Malaysian, from different perspectives! Each story reminded Malaysians the importance of sticking together. For example, ‘RojakCowCow’ is a story where neighbours of different ethnicities rally to bring alive a home blessing ceremony that almost didn’t happen. Rather than just screening to audiences in cinema halls, Rojak360° also reached 15million Malaysian mobile screens on launch day through YouTube Masthead. Whilst the movie trailers were screened via 360° banner ads ran across display and social platforms, a first in Malaysia.

Results and Effectiveness
Rojak360° films cumulated +16.3million minutes viewed with an impressive average 48% view through (industry average 30%). +82.2million impressions, +4.18million views, and +RM3.98million earned media value. Maxis ‘Innovative Brand’ scores +20% whilst ‘Best for Mobile Data’ +10%. The best testaments? Heart-warming comments “Love this. Brings out the Malaysian in me!”.