Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Singles Day was our Best Day!

Advertiser: GuoLine eMarketing Sdn Bhd
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The Challenge
SinglesDay, the Alibaba driven annual shopping bonanza, has seen a rapid uptake outside China. Malaysia, unsurprisingly has also jumped onto the bandwagon. To capitalize on SinglesDay and capture market share, Lazada and 11street will aggressively flood the online sphere with massive discounts on the event date. Our task was to compete with these goliaths during 11.11 while ensuring positive ROI. A local Malay proverb aptly describes our situation; ‘When two elephants fight, the deer in the middle dies’. How can we be like the smart mouse deer that emerges victorious?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Knowing that consumers will be attracted by massive promotions that are thrown out by competitors, we responded quickly by employing a push strategy to acquire users. The catch? We did it a month before the event date. This enables us to capture accurate audience data which guided us in executing a real time marketing strategy along with GEMFIVE by responding to the most relevant offers and promotions a consumer wants – during SinglesDay

Media Execution
A month before SinglesDay, we heavily executed a CPM campaign using Facebook and Google Display, generating massive reach while driving consumers to our website. Utilizing the captured cookies, we further segmented our customers programmatically in analytics by determining different bucket values based on their spending behavior. Combining real time marketing response ads, we activated those previous learnings and leveraged on lookalike audiences and time targeting to create demand for products. This further enabled us to dynamically inject customized EDMs during key hours to drive additional purchases. While there were consumers who were converted earlier at a higher cost, overall this has contributed to a higher ROI.

Results and Effectiveness
Organic traffic grew 147%, transactions grew 243%, new users grew by 410%, daily ROI grew 2,000%. Achieving 5X the daily sales average! It was the most profitable date in GEMFIVE history!