Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

GoShop Goes Guerilla in a Commerce Jungle

Advertiser: Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (1081077-X)
Brand: Go Shop
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Increasing competition from existing online and new e-commerce companies in the TV shopping space have challenged GoShop to maintain its market leadership and steal competition’s users. How can GoShop entice viewers on competitors’ channels to switch to GoShop?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insights: 85% of Malaysians have the habit of multi-screening, i.e. using their mobile devices while watching TV to do online research on the products they see on TV. Additionally, online video consumption has skyrocketed to 200 videos/month. Brands are usually unable to keep up with this pace, primarily due the high turnaround time and cost to create real-time, topical and adaptive videos. Strategy: With these insights, we devised a guerrilla marketing tactic that steals viewers watching GoShop’s competitors TV channels by displaying relevant GoShop products on their mobile devices. We supplemented this strategy with real-time “life hack” videos that solve problems users face in their daily lives. Idea: The idea was to convert viewers to GoShop with irresistible offers and promos displayed on their mobile screens whenever they watch competitor’s products and FTA channels. To strongly position GoShop as a video commerce brand, we also produced daily videos during the campaign period to maximise our SOV and ensure consumers notice our differentiators.

Media Execution
When competitor’s programs aired on TV, a programmatic trigger would simultaneously display on the user’s mobile device ads showcasing GoShop’s relevant product and promos. Additionally, we also distributed relevant “life hack” videos across social media channels. To produce relevant videos in high-volume, we leveraged artificial intelligence to create videos on a real-time basis by marrying daily hot trends with relevant products and promos available on GoShop.

Results and Effectiveness
• Number of purchases doubled, significantly increasing revenue. • eCP0’s were 2.3 times lower than industry benchmarks • 3 times higher engagement rate than industry benchmarks • 4 times higher interaction rates than industry benchmarks • VTR: 20% higher than industry benchmarks