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An Online Revolution driven by Offline Media

Advertiser: Lazada
Brand: Lazada's Online Revolution 2016
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The Challenge
Lazada is an online shopping and selling destination. Takings in their annual Online Revolution Sale can equal 3-4 months of sales. From experience, they wanted to advertise exclusively on FTA (high GRP) and told us to forget ASTRO (low GRP and overlapping spots with FTA). Not only that, management has drastically increased sales target. Not only did we have to pick out the right media, but also to devise a measurement system that allowed us to directly attribute visitation to each media.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We first worked with Lazada to study visitation data. As we studied this, we found a large chunk of visitation still remains unattributed i.e. neither sourced from digital nor TV. Armed with this, our strategy was to isolate the impacts from each media touchpoint. Print (55%) and OOH (85%) had high reach while Radio had high audience affinity (118).

Media Execution
For sale day, we strategically scheduled media to hours so we could isolate impact on visitation by hour of day. Based on reach and ratings metrics, the best suited time slots for all the mediums were identified: – 6-9am – Radio – 9-11am – Print & Office TV – 11am-1pm – Media Prima – 1-3pm – Astro Chinese – 3-5pm – Astro Malay – 5-8pm – LRT Screens – 8-11pm – Non-exclusive TV push In addition, we launched unique promo codes for Karaoke ads and tracked traffic to mobile app from geo-tagged office locations for Office TV.

Results and Effectiveness
TV CPVI went down 50% thanks to Astro, Print had no impact on visitation, Radio indexed 170 vs. TV, LRT screens indexed 270 & OfficeTV indexed 350. OnlineRevolution2016 was a resounding success: 500k transactions in 24hrs, more time on app (12 mins), 1st order came from Kelantan, 60% mobile GMV and 3 million new app downloads.